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Three Sisters Inspired Succotash with Fiddleheads

Three Sisters Inspired Succotash with Fiddleheads

Ingredients Instructions Plating Note *Use any fresh winter or summer squashfor this recipe**Use 13⁄4 cups fresh or frozen (thawed) corn in place of canned corn as desired. ***Use 1 cup of Beans, Green, Low- Sodium, Canned (or fresh, or frozen,…

Shagbark Hickory-Glazed Pork with Wild Rice & Pinto Beans

Shagbark Hickory-Glazed Pork with Wild Rice & Pinto Beans

Ingredients Instructions Shagbark & Apple Glaze Wild Rice Pinto Beans Pork Plating Note * Use rinsed and drained Rice, Long Grain if wild rice is unavailable**Use 2 cups cooked Beans, Pinto, Dry if canned beans are unavailable


Salmon & Beach Pea Pesto Pasta

Ingredients Pesto Instructions Pesto (with food processor) Pesto (without food processor) Salmon Rotini Plating Note *Use 2 cups Peas, Green, Frozen, or fresh in place of canned peas as desired**Use 3 cloves fresh garlic, finely chopped in place of garlic…


Stale bread is so good for sopping up juicy salad ingredients, no wonder it’s a favorite no-waste ingredient! There’s Italian Panzanella, with its tomatoes and basil; there are crunchy, delicious croutons; and there’s fattoush (pronounced fuh-TOOSH), a Middle Eastern salad…

Snappy Green Beans

Green beans are also known as snap beans because of the snap sound they make when they are broken. Green beans can be used as a side dish or a quick snack – and you can even eat them raw! kitchen…

Soy Salad Dressing

Have you ever heard the term umami? It’s something that tastes kind 
of salty and insanely delicious — and this salad dressing is totally 
umami! Pour it on a green salad, use it to marinate tofu, or stir 
it into a…

Striped Soup Mix

A pot of soup is not the kind of present you can wrap — but a beautifully layered jar of homemade soup mix is! Plus, you can make a lot of presents at once to use up all those beans.…

Super Tomato Soup

Fresh tomatoes are wonderful when they’re in season, but when they’re not, canned are even better: they’re sweeter and less expensive, and cooking tomatoes actually releases more of their lycopene, a type of nutrient called an antioxidant that helps your…

Tasty Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh (Tuh-BOO-lee), also spelled tabouli, comes from the word tabboula, which means “Middle Eastern Cookery” in Arabic. Tabbouleh is originally form the mountains of Syria and Lebanon. kitchen gear Cutting board Sharp knife (adult needed) Measuring cup Mixing bowl Measuring…

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