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National Nutrition Month 2023


It’s National Nutrition Month! Each week we are going to provide information reflecting the theme for this year, Fuel for the Future. This week we will provide tips to incorporate more plant-based foods, tips to reduce your carbon footprint, find out what foods are in season, and tips to start a garden. Yes, you can! Read on and keep coming back each week this month for more tips and resources.

A bowl of black Bean Chili with a dollop of sour cream on top.
Black Bean Chili

What does ‘plant-based’ mean? It means you eat a wide variety of plants. Something that we know is better for our bodies and for the planet. Instead of roasting a chicken, perhaps you make a vegan chili with dried beans that you soaked overnight. A one-pound bag of beans can provide a few meals and are under $2.00. A budget-friendly and delicious dinner to serve the whole family. To get you started, try this recipe for Black Bean Chili.

Reducing your carbon footprint can feel overwhelming but we’ve got some tips to make it easier! A simple way to start is to avoid using paper or plastic plates and utensils. Change out your paper napkins for cloth. Tableware and napkins can be purchased at your local thrift shop providing the added boost of recycling. Take the whole family and let them choose their favorite plate and napkin! Bring your own bags to the grocery store or reuse paper or plastic bags from previous visits. Every step saves you money and helps out our planet. The earth will thank you for it!

Eating foods in season can be challenging, particularly at this time of year if you live in the Northeast. Fortunately, there are farms across the state that are now growing vegetables year-round! Click on the link here to find a farmers’ market that accepts your SNAP and Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) benefits. Here’s a handy chart to use as a reference to know what is ripe all year.

What about that garden? You’ve always wanted to have one, right? Who doesn’t love the idea of reaching to your windowsill for fresh herbs? Or stepping outside your door for tomatoes? Whether it’s inside or out, a garden is just steps away. Did you know that you can use your HIP benefits to purchase seedlings? We’re happy to help you get started. Check out our blog post from last May for more tips: Trying to get your kids to eat more fruit and vegetables? There is no better way than to grow them. Here’s some tips to get you  started by growing your own container garden:

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