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Managing Stress with Meditation

If work, taking care of your family or whatever else you have to do day to day is starting to make you feel stressed, practicing mindfulness can be a healthy way to manage your stress. In this blog post, we will talk about what mindfulness is and share a few simple tips.

To start, what is mindfulness? It’s the practice of actively taking time to focus on the way you feel in a non-judgemental way. In other words, it’s simply taking time to be aware of and focus on your own feelings.

Mindfulness is a great form of stress management for two reasons. The first is that it’s completely free and doesn’t require anything more than a comfortable place to relax. The second is because it can have positive benefits on not only your mind’s health but your body as well! 

Settling down for a mindfulness session is easy since you can do it anywhere and at any time. Follow these steps:

  1. Find a place you can relax for a few minutes – This might be in bed, in a chair or a quiet space at work. You don’t need to be sitting or laying down to have a mindfulness session.
  2. Make a goal – Think about what you want to accomplish during your session. It can sometimes help to set a time limit. Start with 5 minutes and you can work your way up to what you feel is comfortable for you.
  3. Breathe – Your breathing is the most important part of reaching a relaxed state. Focus on breathing in and out.
  4. Don’t pay attention to your thoughts – Breathing is important because it gives you something to focus on other than your day to day worries and stresses. If you find you’re having a hard time keeping your thoughts from wandering, that’s ok! Don’t judge yourself and remember – it’s impossible to do a bad job when it comes to mindfulness.

So if you have a few minutes of time to yourself tonight, try out a mindfulness session!

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