Shot of a cute little girl picking apples while her dad holds her up to reach them

Happy August!

Wondering what to do? Where to go? Read on! We’ve got all kinds of activities for the whole family. Whether you want to go hiking, hit a rail trail for a bike ride, or explore some of Massachusett’s amazing state parks. We’ve got you covered.

We’ve all been there. It’s August. It’s hot. It’s humid. You want to make sure you’re making the most of your summer but you’re feeling stale. Time for a reboot!

Since we’re talking about being active, here’s a summary of what kind and how much physical activity we should all aim for:

Did you know, youth between the ages of six and 17 should be active for 60 minutes every day? And it’s ok to get more than an hour. An hour is a minimum. Preschoolers between three and six should be active throughout the day to help with their development. Adults should move more and sit less aiming for 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of activity each week. Those same guidelines are suggested for older adults and for those with disabilities. If you’re unable to be active for 150 minutes any amount of activity that raises your heart rate can benefit your health. To find out more, click here.

Two kids and two adults are in a gymnasium. They are all using wheelchairs and playing with two basketballs.
Wheelchair basketball.

Have you ever wondered what is the best type of activity? Is it weightlifting? Soccer? Running? Tennis? The one you enjoy is the best. What you may like and what I may like might be different but, if we’re moving and enjoying ourselves, we’re both bettering and/or maintaining our health, improving our mood, and decreasing our risk for chronic disease. Let’s get moving!

What can we do in Massachusetts?

Adventure with kids in the forest.
Adventure with kids in the forest.

We are lucky to live in a state that offers us access to the mountains, the ocean, and everything in between. Did you know that local libraries and recreation centers allow you to borrow a ParksPass for free admittance into one of Massachusetts State Parks? To find a participating library or recreation center click on the link HERE. To find a state park near you, click on this link for an interactive map to find a beautiful place to hike, ride a bike, take a swim, enjoy a picnic, and more near you. Go take a hike!

Family riding their bikes around a public park during the Covid 19 pandemic. They are wearing helmets and are social distancing.
Staying Active Outdoors

Massachusetts has a great rail trail system throughout the state where you can go for a bike ride, a walk, or a run. Whether you go on your own or with the whole family bring a picnic and spend the day exploring! To find a rail trail near you (did I mention they are free?!) click on the link here.

There’s more! Have you heard of BLUEbikes in Boston? They have more than 3,000 bikes in over 300 locations in the Metro Boston area. If you have an EBT card you can get a discount for an annual or monthly subscription. To learn more about how you can access BLUEbike click on the link here.

How about a healthy trail mix recipe for all your adventures? Click on the link here.

Want to pack a heartier lunch? Go to our site for more recipes:

Family at the beach
Family at the beach

What about the ocean? Massachusetts has amazing beaches. Some are state parks where you can, again, get a free ParksPass at your local library or recreation center. Have you had the chance to walk the beach yet this summer and search for some shells? Have you been able to swim in the refreshing saltwater of the Atlantic Ocean? Pack your sunscreen, water, your lunch and make a day of it. To find a beach near you click on the link here.

Shot of a cute little girl picking apples while her dad holds her up to reach them
Shot of a cute little girl picking apples while her dad holds her up to reach them

August is a terrific time to go peach or apple picking. The peaches will be at the end of the season making the fruit especially sweet and the apples available for picking will be tart. What’s your preference? Try both and see which one you like more. Whether you want to pick peaches or apples there are plenty of orchards in Massachusetts. To find an orchard near you click here.

Picking fruit is a great way to be active with the whole family!

Thanks for stopping by we enjoy the company! Have a fantastic August.

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