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Wow, it’s the last week of National Nutrition Month

Have we learned a lot! The people over at National Nutrition Month have been a great help. We’re reminded how important it is to eat healthy and nutritious food. We learned how to make ‘easy to keep’ goals. Making goals can feel overwhelming. It was great to be able to make goals that matched our lifestyle needs. And it’s always good to receive meal planning tips. It’s easy to get *stuck*. This last week of National Nutrition Month, let’s look at how to make tasty dinners at home (that don’t take all day!). Read on.

Making dinner has never been easier. Put on some music and dance right into the kitchen. Dinner is almost ready! Who said cooking can’t be fun? We have tips to make home cooking a breeze. Last week we suggested making a grocery list after taking stock of what you already have. This week we have suggestions of pantry items to have in your kitchen so you’re always able to have a quick (and healthy) dinner fast!

Girl filming father and daughter dancing at home
Girl filming father and daughter dancing at home

Keep some grains and frozen or canned vegetables on hand. By stocking things like whole wheat pasta, rice (white or brown), quinoa, broccoli, and some beans or tofu (it freezes well) dinner is just minutes away. You’re all set to make the Build-Your-Own Grain Bowl hereDinner served. Enjoy some fresh fruit for dessert. When shopping, pick up a rotisserie chicken and whole wheat tortillas. When it’s time for dinner; pull your child’s favorite frozen vegetables out of the freezer and, while they’re cooking, shred some of the chicken and warm up the tortillas. Pull the jarred salsa out of the cupboard and it’s Taco Night. The next day, serve the leftover chicken and vegetables alongside brown rice.  

When thinking about what to serve for dinner consider having something from each of the five food groups (fruit, vegetables, protein, dairy, and whole grains), limiting fried foods, and adding foods high in fiber. And don’t do the preparation on your own! While you’re cooking, have somebody else make the salad, and ask the younger ones to set the table. Most importantly, keep the music playing!

A can of chicken? That could be the beginning of a soup. Sauté some of the lonely vegetables in your vegetable bin, add some beans, a can of chicken, and some chicken stock and you’ve got Soup Night! When cooking, try to make an extra batch. Whether it’s spaghetti sauce, soup or chili, or beans and rice. Freeze the extra and dinner is ready when you need it! For a delicious one-pot dinner try the Skillet Pasta below. Let your children help measure out the ingredients.

Skillet Pasta Dinner
Skillet Pasta Dinner


That remaining bit of nut butter in the cupboard would be great with an apple or a banana. After school snack-done! Looking for a special treat that’s healthy too? How about these Oat Snack Cakes below:

Basket of Oat Muffins
Oat Muffins


They make a great after-school snack and freeze well!

Thank you for taking the time to visit. We have enjoyed sharing National Nutrition Month with you. Come back again, we enjoy the company!

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