Indigenous Recipes from the Northeast

Fiddlehead fern buds (french: tête de violons). Fine and delicious vegetables, available only in early springtime, used as a speciality in Canada and in the East of U.S.A.

The Northeastern U.S. is full of delicious, nutritious native foods that you can cook up in your own home. In an effort to showcase Indigenous food contributions, North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NATIFS) participates in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Sovereignty Initiative. With some help from Indigenous chefs, NATIFS has put together recipes that feature some of these native, local ingredients. There are six Northeastern Region recipes that use items varying from pumpkin and mushroom to foraged fiddleheads. There are instructional videos that go along with these recipes.

These six new recipes are featured on our MA SNAP-Ed website for your convenience. You can easily sort these recipes using the “Culturally Inspired” filter box. Choose “Native American-Inspired” to see these six recipes. In addition to the Indigenous ingredients that are featured in the recipes, other ingredients are accessible in FDPIR boxes, at food pantries, or by using your EBT card wherever you shop for food.

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