Shop Simple with MyPlate

Shop Simple with MyPlate!

When the Dietary Guidelines were updated in 2020 was given a reboot. There are many new tools that make eating healthier easy, simple, and fun! Let’s go explore. is easier to navigate than ever. Looking for a healthy recipe? Check out their new recipe page. Need games for your children when they’re out of school and itching for something to do? Click on the link here to go to the kids’ page for a smart selection of games and apps. They’re not just fun, they help your children learn how to eat healthier too. Trying to motivate your teen to make healthier choices when they eat out? MyPlate has developed an app called, ‘Bam! A Dining Decision’ game. After downloading and engaging with interactive games your teen can learn how to make healthier choices.

Dining Decisions App

Let’s check out the MyPlate Quiz. Answer a few questions about how you eat and, after taking the quiz, you are provided with information and suggestions specific to your needs. Wondering how to add more fruits and vegetables to your day? This quiz is for you. The results are downloadable and can be incorporated into the Start Simple with MyPlate app. The app is so much fun. It offers challenges, allows you to earn badges, develop personalized goals, and more. I have it on my smartphone and receive messages every day about how to eat healthier. It’s so motivating!

MyPlate Quiz App

One of the updates MyPlate has done is to provide nutrition information for people across their lives. Need help getting your parents to eat healthier? MyPlate is there for you. Have you ever been frustrated wondering when and what foods to introduce to your baby or toddler? MyPlate has up-to-date nutrition information so you can be reassured you’re making the right choices.  

MyPlate’s newest tool is their ‘Shop Simple with MyPlate’. After landing on the Shop Simple with MyPlate page scan the QR code. After scanning the code, you are presented with a variety of options. Interested in what to do with your canned vegetables? Shop with MyPlate has suggestions. Have questions about food safety? Shop Simple has tips. Purchased chicken thighs? Shop Simple will let you know how long they can be in the fridge, how long they can be frozen, and what cut of chicken is more budget-friendly.

The BEST part of Shop Simple with MyPlate? After entering your zip code you will find out where and what stores in your area accept SNAP, where the farmers’ markets are, inform of any store specials, and if there are any online markets in your area that provide delivery or curbside pickup. How sweet is that?

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Once you’ve taken the MyPlate quiz, downloaded the app, and found out where you can use your SNAP dollars head over to the recipe page on either or Besides recipes, both sites provide resources on food safety, navigating a nutrition label, finding out what is in season and not, and much more.

If you’re interested in other tips for a healthier lifestyle, visit our Healthy Moves page here to learn more about the physical activity guidelines recommended across your and your family’s lifespan.

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