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Making Shifts Towards a Fabulous YOU!

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Hello, SNAP-Ed families! This is the last week of National Nutrition Month. If you have been following our SNAP-Ed blogs, then you have read the many ways that you can make shifts (not major changes all at once) towards healthy choices. By making small changes in your daily behaviors you can reach your health goals.

Let’s review some of the options shared:

Visit our calendar on the Healthy Foods page ( for nutrition workshops available to you and your family.  Some may be offered through Facebook Live or on other online platforms-all at no cost to you.  These workshops will explain easy ways to make small shifts in your behaviors.  You will begin to see the changes you wish to make which can help with sleep, stress, and confidence.  The fabulous you that you want to be is ready to shine.  You can do it!  SNAP-Ed can help!

Melons carved to look like stars
Melons carved to look like stars
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