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April is Diversity Awareness Month!

While we’re all practicing social distancing, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn, explore, and play. Did you know April is Diversity Awareness Month? Here are a few different activities you can do to celebrate it. Let’s dive in and see what kind of crafts, meals, and activities people in other places do.

Our aim is to provide you with resources to celebrate the ways in which we are different and better understand the things we have in common. Regardless of where we live, where we work, go to school, or how we prepare our food; we all want to learn, play, and share.

There are so many ways to appreciate different cultures but for our purposes, we’re going to explore directly from our homes. Below we have some crafts to keep things creative, recipes to try something new, and ways we can, virtually, visit the globe. All from our homes!

This is a time to find out how creative we are, explore, and try something new. We have a couple of places to take you. First, let’s go to the Caribbean and find out more about the Taino Petroglyphs.

Taino petroglyphs are part of the Arawak People. The Arawak migrated from South America to the Caribbean and settled in what is now: Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Later the Arawak became known as the Taino. The Taino’s love for all living things was expressed by carving petroglyphs into stones and rocks.

Make your own petroglyphs.

Now let’s visit the western side of Africa. In Ghana, the Ashanti who live in central Ghana practice Adinkra printing. Adinkra printing is a textile art representing their cultural and religious values and has been part of their heritage for hundreds of years. Celebrate and create with your own Adinkra printing.

Hungry yet? How can we enjoy food from other places? Cook! Here are a couple of delicious recipes to explore from our very own kitchen. Not only are they tasty but they’re good for you too.

Chinese Vegetables & Rice

Haitian Style Chicken & Rice

After all that delicious food we’re ready for some virtual sightseeing:

Visit South Korea, Mexico, Germany, and beyond on the same day with links Google Arts and Culture has provided at no cost.

Take a virtual field trip.

We hope you enjoy making crafts, cooking, and virtually exploring the globe. We hope you share this with friends and family and come back next month to learn something new.

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